Xiongda Chemical is a company specialized in the sales and customized services of chemical products in China. Our scope of operations includes over 1000 types of chemical products such as acids, alkalis, salts, organic compounds, and industrial gases. We hold legitimate business authorization licenses. Our business capabilities encompass blending and packaging, bulk customization, specialized packaging solutions, reagent products, and transportation. We support small-scale orders and offer high-quality chemical products with competitive pricing, professional procurement guidance, and transportation services. You can rely on us for your chemical needs.
Target Industries
Our services cater to a diverse clientele including biomedical, scientific research institutions, high-tech enterprises, circuit boards, laboratories, military, semiconductor, nuclear power, photovoltaics, high-end electronics, electronic materials, sewage treatment, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical enterprises.
At Xiongda, we are dedicated to pioneering advancements in the chemical industry through a commitment to integrity, innovation, and collaboration. We strive for excellence in delivering top-quality products while responsibly stewarding the environment. Our philosophy is centered on continuous improvement, pushing boundaries, and creating a sustainable future.
Quality Assurance
Safety First
We are committed to ensuring the safety of our products, safeguarding employees, customers, and the environment from potential risks and hazards.
We pledge to actively promote sustainability in product design, production, and operations, reducing our impact on the environment.
Innovation for Health
We strive to develop safe, environmentally friendly chemical products through innovation and research, contributing to human health and well-being.
Compliance and Ethics
We strictly adhere to all regulatory standards, upholding principles of ethics and integrity to ensure the legality and compliance of our products.
Quality Assurance
Stringent Supplier Evaluation: We select suppliers with a solid reputation and compliance records, ensuring traceability and reliability of raw materials.
We have quality control processes covering every step from raw material procurement to production, inspection, and final product dispatch.
Conduct rigorous quality testing and certification of raw materials and finished products to meet industry standards and client requirements.
Strictly adhere to relevant regulations and industry standards to ensure product safety and environmental compliance.